Dr. Silvertooth 2016

Dr. Silvertooth website design by N.A.I. Multimedia Studios

Dr. Erin Silvertooth is a Texas based Sports Psychiatrist and Integrative Health Practitioner.

Another project where a client of mine from years past felt it was time to upgrade to a WordPress website with stronger SEO and a responsive framework, allowing the website to regenerate its layout based on the size of the users screen. Since she often used a tablet, she felt it was necessary to make the tablet and smartphone layout design complimentary to the main layout and not just rearrange the same content.

To catch the attention and imagination of potential clients, we created an animated splash page opening that appears on larger screens only.

Visit DrSilvertooth.com to view the website.


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We believe in keeping a company's brand clean and simple, yet maintain a very strong design aesthetic and focus. We don't just choose a cool font, we create a reflection of your business. Check out several of our recent Logo Designs.

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We have 20+ years of experience in the Graphic Arts Industry including Screen Printing, Vinyl Cutting, Dye Sublimation, Offset Printing and Commercial Design. Lets us create your Advertising, Posters, Shirts, CD's, & Business Cards. Let us help you get the word out.

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N.A.I. Multimedia's Creative Studios includes a Class A Project Recording Studio. Soundproof Acoustically Tuned Rooms, Cadac 92x16x32 Mixing Console and Professional Mics and Outboard gear from Nuamann, Universal Audio and more!

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