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Eckert Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency serving Central Texas.

When Will Eckert, owner of the Eckert Insurance Group, approached me to redesign his online brand, a major point of  his design vision was simplicity. My client wanted a responsive framework with extensive SEO (The insurance industry is extremely competitive)  and minimal content, written in an easy to read format that promoted a casual, friendly and no pressure relationship between the business and the client. But how does one create strong SEO with minimal content? How can you grab a users attention without saying much? At this point, even our choice of site colors could make or break this project.

Extensive industry audits were conducted for this project. Research was done to discover the top 100+ keywords most used to search Google, Yahoo and Bing for Home Insurance, Business Insurance and Car Insurance. From here we focused our audit of search habits on the Central Texas market to find patterns and keywords and how the search results would change with minor alterations of the search phrase. 

Once we had a solid understanding of the search patterns of The Eckert Groups customer base, the next step was to create what Google Analytics considers to be one of the most important parts of your Internal SEO – CONTENT! Normally, for an SEO project “content is king”, insufficient content can give your page a negative rating so when making the conscience decision to use less content, it is vital that your choice of words and phrases are of the best ranking quality. Your keywords must be used in a simple and organic manner but not over used. You need other sites to link to your content in order for Google to consider it of higher importance than another website with virtually the same information.

Using the keywords and search phrases we found during our initial search patterns audit, I was able to write a few paragraphs per page that focused on a single keyword or phrase for that page. Your SEO rankings can increase if your page focuses more on one thing instead of trying to push several key words and phrases. this is where SEO and Simplicity meet.

After making sure all of our META tags, images, header text, page titles, and page descriptions were properly done, we set our subtle “Calls to action” and set the site free unto the world, allowing some time to pass before doing another audit to see how things were working out.

So how did things work out? Traffic was good but it could be better, it’s difficult to break into the first page when multi-national corporations of your industry spend millions to dominate search results.

Our 2nd SEO Website Audit was approximately 6 months later after a good bit of solid data could be mined about traffic patterns in the site and how users got there. Our On-Site SEO Score was great, so why weren’t we doing better?

Well, On-Site SEO is just part of it (there are a lot of “well, that’s just part if it” frustrations when it comes to SEO). Your Off-Site SEO is a major part of how Google (and quickly after, everyone else) judges your sites authority, or relevance in the ocean of content. How is authority used in how your sirte ranks? here is a simple example:

Your site is site #1. You have well written content and strong SEO
Site #2 has pretty much the same content and strong SEO.

Site #2 also has several other websites referencing his content, they link back to it, there are discussions about the content. So who would you trust more? Your store that is great, but no one is inside shopping, or the store across the street that everyone’s parked at and coming out with lots of purchases? It matters that other people are coming to your content, it matters that other sites are linking to your content.

S0 our second time around, we focused on inbound links, on getting ratings and reviews on Facebook, Google+, Merchant Circle, Yelp, and dozens more directories. We worked on creating conversations on other websites. We increased our site authority by creating more conversation about us on the web. The web, and how it talks about your site, is just as important as anyting you can do within your website content and design.

We’ll do another Audit in another 6 months and see where we are at. We’ve tripled the reviews for The Eckert Insurance Group and because they work so hard to make clients happy, they are all 5 stars! every review out there. Nice.

Do you want a 35+ page SEO audit on your website, traffic, search results and most used keywords?

We also can submit your site, bio, images and contact information to over 100 business listings and directories on the web.

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