Rattling Forks

Rattling Forks website design by N.A.I. Multimedia Studios

Rattling Forks are a tool for Whitetail Deer hunters that mimic the sound of 2 males fighting for dominance.

The ideas is that when other male whitetails hear this sound, they will run to the fight to possibly take on the winner of the fight, who is tired and unable to fight a 2nd or 3rd. Several whitetails can be brought to a fight with these antler like tools.

Our goal for the new website design was to:

  1.  Introduce whitetail deer hunters to a new product.
  2.  To show them the superiority of the product over using real antlers.
  3.  To build their confidence that this was a quality product that was easy to use.
  4.  To effortlessly lead them to the checkout process and sell them the product.

Tracking this data is called tracking Conversion Rates. When a viewer comes to the site but does not follow the Call to Action, this is not a conversion, and if it happens a lot you should find out why. When a viewer comes to the site and follows the path you have laid out for them, downloading the file, registering a membership, purchasing the product, or signing up for the mailing list, that is called a conversion. You have successfully converted the viewer into a customer.

A lot can be discussed and debated about which is most important for your home page, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), VS. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Often times, focusing on one will statistically bring down the other, so which is more important? Personally I focus on SEO and Calls to Action. If you can increase your Click Through Rate, meaning,  get people to click past the home page to find out more information, then you will almost automatically increase your CRO. You have to keep your users moving or they leave.

If you can get people excited enough to click on your offer, then that excitement usually will turn into a conversion. So increasing your CTR by 2x will increase your conversion rate by 50%.  (Data from Moz article)

For Rattling Forks, we needed to introduce a product and build confidence with the viewers. In a situation like this, videos worked best for us. According to Marketing Sherpa, website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product  from an online retailer after watching a video.

Not only did we add a video of how to use the product in action, we included a video of a very well known personality in the world of deer hunting, Larry “Mr. Whitetail” Weishuhn, to promote the product. So we effectively tell the user how easy it is to use and build confidence that it works! 

When building an online store that focuses a single item, or a minimal product line, we strong recommend using video to grab the viewers attention. They are easily shareable on social networks and google LOVES video content. 

Another way we built confidence was reviews. Once we show the videos and get the viewer to click on to the product page, we showed the dozens of great reviews and a 100% satisfaction guarantee to return the product if it doesn’t work.

So our entire store focuses on 3 pages.

A. Landing Page with videos and a call to action to click on the product page —>

B. Product page with satisfaction guarantee and a large list of strong user reviews —>

C. Checkout Process with follow up email thanking them for their trust.

For our check out process, we once again used WooCommerce, which is by far our favorite WordPress based, SEO friendly, Merchant System out there!

It has been a very successful year for Rattling Forks, who have since picked up a 2nd high profile sponsor and now offer signature series versions of their product line.

Visit The Rattling Forks website.

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